Wood is a natural material. Its grain and colour make every kitchen unique. Variations in texture or colour, due for instance to the effects of exposure to light and sunshine, are characteristic of a natural product and are completely normal. No complaints will be considered on this basis. The surfaces of real wood fronts are sealed with several coats of high-grade varnish. To clean them, simply wipe them in the direction of the wood grain, using a slightly damp cloth, to remove dirt particles from the pores. 

Splashes of fat or other stains should be removed immediately and must not be allowed to dry. Dry the corners, profiles and edges of the fronts thoroughly to ensure no moisture remains. Wood is a living material which reacts to constant exposure to very damp or very dry air. Despite careful varnishing, it will expand or contract. That’s why it is important always to switch on the extractor when cooking or to ensure there is an adequate supply of fresh air.