Heat, steam and humidity

Your kitchen has already been provided at the factory with various protective covers to protect your kitchen furniture from steam, heat and moisture. Even so, it is essential for you to take care not to allow steam and heat from the oven or dishwasher or from smaller appliances such as the kettle or egg boiler, coffee machine and microwave to come into direct contact with the furniture. 

To prevent this, it is advisable to switch on the extractor whenever you are cooking and to avoid leaving the cooker or dishwasher lid at an angle after use, as the escaping heat and moisture may cause furniture nearby to swell. When using and cleaning, please remove any humidity and wetness quickly. Only by doing so the furniture can be long-term protected from water damage. The room conditions should be adjusted to the particular situation by ensuring an adequate supply of fresh air if necessary (e.g. 20ÅãC/65% relative humidity).