Built-in sinks and hobs

Aluminium and stainless steel are the highlights of the kitchen. To keep them looking like new, built-in sinks, cooktops and all aluminium or stainless steel surfaces should be cleaned with a sponge or fleecy cloth. A mild detergent or cleaner may be used, or the special cleaners available for stainless steel or aluminium surfaces. Never use scouring agents, steel wool or sponge scourers. Rust film, such as iron filings following plumbing work, is unlikely to occur in your kitchen.  

If it does, though, the oxidised iron particles should be re-moved immediately using a standard stainless steel cleaner. Built-in sinks made from mineral material or ceramic should be cleaned as follows: light soiling may be removed with a damp cloth or water containing detergent.  Heavier soiling can be tackled with a biodegradable vinegar-based cleaner. Severe, encrusted dirt or metal abrasion can be removed with a powder cleaner. Cleaning products containing silica sand or fluorine should not be used.